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Electrical Contracting Services with Burns Electric

Overhead Electrical Power Distribution

With a high-risk job such as overhead power distribution, it is important to hire an electrical contractor known for careful attention and care for safety on the job. Burns Electric crews are trained and committed not only to a job well done, but a job done with proper protection of the contractors and those around the job site. Contact Burns Electric to complete overhead power distribution all across Iowa.

Underground Electrical Distribution

Hire a versatile electrical contractor well-versed in both overhead and underground electrical power distribution. Burns Electric is proud to partner with Iowa electric utility companies, private contractors, and municipalities to ensure proper underground installation. With a commitment to efficiency on the job, you can rest assured of minimal job site disruption. Burns Electric additionally covers switchgear installation.

Electrical System Improvement

An outdated electrical system can negatively affect the safety, productivity, and efficiency of those it serves. Stay up to par and ensure your systems are running as smoothly as possible with voltage conversions, corrections, or reconducting of existing primary lines with Burns Electric.

Street & Sports Lighting

A reliable and qualified electrician is needed to meet the specific requirements and expectations for both street lights and stadium lights. Burns Electric crews work with schools, counties, and municipalities across Iowa to ensure high-quality installation and maintenance of lights on the street and within sports venues. It is our aim to maximize up-time and reliability of the lighting systems we service. Call for a quote today.

Wireless Division

The Burns Wireless division has adapted throughout the years along with the pace of evolving wireless technology. Enlist our technicians to provide solutions for TDMA, CDMA, LTE, 5G, and even small cell deployments. Additionally, our crews handle generator build-outs, DC power plant upgrades, battery plant replacements, hydrogen fuel cells, radio upgrades, and fiber installation.
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 Burns Electric Emergency Storm Response

The Burns Electric commitment to safety spans well past scheduled contracting jobs. When mother nature strikes with an unforeseen disaster, our crews are available 24/7 to repair and remediate the damage. It is an honor to keep Iowans safe in the face of natural disasters like tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, snow, and more. For emergency assistance due to a storm, call the Burns Emergency line at 515-975-1586.

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